Sunday, 30 October 2011

Gold Coast

I havent updated in a few weeks as its been hard to get any internet access for long enough!! Now were Brisbane it should be easier. I have been keeping a diary in the mean time so hopefully wont have forgotten anything.
We left NSW and got to Queensland at the end of September, and stayed with two lovely lads from Leics that I knew, Ben and Ryan. They had a lovely apartment and introduced us to loads of their friends, so we met some really nice people. Got to know the area really well and we hope to go back there one day to find work next year. We had a few adventures while we were there, many nights out and many many units of alcohol!! The best thing about the Gold Coast is the 27km beach which we spend a LOT of time on! We keep getting complements for our tans - 'look at the colour on you, bitches!!' hahaha! Anyway, our plans at the moment are to continue up the coast as we were, and stop off in all the wild places on the way. Ive heard that Queensland is lovely so were really excited. We still have a lot of tours and adventures booked so have lots to look forward to, like the Whitsundays. This is the last city we'll be in, from here upwards all the stops (around ten or so) are all little towns and villages which is nice.
Were thinking about changing our flight to Sydney to a couple of days before Xmas instead of the 10th so that we have a couple more weeks to spend travelling, and it will be cheaper. We have friends that we'll be spending Xmas with on Bondi beach so cant wait! After the new years party we were thinking about renting a camper van and driving to Melbourne for a couple of weeks before I meet Grandad in Sydders; maybe do the great ocean road. Still undecided!
Brisbane is fairly boring so far, its abit like being back in leics and theres no beach which is shite. But our hostel seems cool, were sharing in a 20 bed dorm..... should be interesting!!! theres a bar next door where everyone goes an they do little competitions apparently. Tonight is Bar Wars, which im told you just have to drink as much as you can and be the last one standing - easy!!! Were staying in the Valley which is supposed to be a really lively place and busy - awesome for a night out. Have only booked one night here so far so will have to see how we like it.
Will update soon.......Love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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