Friday, 23 September 2011

Up to Byron we go :)


Well on Tuesday we were meant to go to Coffs Harbour.... but we ended up in spot x surf camp!! When we got on the oz experience coach we met some more people doing the same as us. The bus driver was really funny, his name was Disco and he was wearing wheres wally socks pulled up to his knees! He talked to us all on the britney spears edition of the mic and made us all laugh. He got us doing a quiz and making things to wear out of tin foil, made the 8 hours go really fast! Anyway we got to our stop and made a rash decision to eff coffs harbour off and just go straight to the surf camp with everyone on the coach cause we had such a laugh.
Surf camp was brilliant, we paid $52 for the night, which included breakfast lunch and dinner, and they were buffets so we ate really well!! We had a cabin to sleep in and it was nice cause it was so clean and we'd been living in a hovel!! In the evening we got pissed on goon and did loads of stupid comps and activities round the camp fire. One was limbo which i won, and we got a trip to nimbin park!! Sam won the muscial statues one and got a ride or surf voucher for here in Byron!! Everyone was jel!! lol
Next morning we went surfing, had a right laugh falling off and attempting to look cool (that was the number one rule of surfing!!) We managed to stand up a couple of times, it was really fun!! Got some pictures we bought so will put them on when i can!
We moved on from there the next day to Byron Bay, the beach is absolutely amazing, really massive!! So weird cause the sand squeaks when you walk on it, but none of us know why!! Were still with our friends from the coach as well which is nice, their names are Andy and Gaz theyre from Essex so i cant help but repeat everything they say haha!! Yesterday we did our trip to nimbin, i had to have myself a little space cake and some beers, and couldnt stop laughing for about 10 mins then i was fine!! but you go to the village and theyre all hill billies, a little bit weird looking, and every other person you come across asks if you want some weed or some cookies!!!! Unreal!!!  We had a bbq with everyone afterwards and went and chilled by the waterfall! I think health and safety would have a field day with a group tour where they take us to get stoned then walk us down a perilous cliff to a waterfall...!!! Crazy!!! lol anyway must dash gotta go check out or ill lose my deposit! Changin hostel cause this ones rank and u have to pay a deposit for bedding, cutlery, crockery... bloody ridic!!!
Will update soon much love to everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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