Friday, 16 September 2011

Few days in Sydders :)


Second update on my time in Aus! Im having a wicked time here, the weather is lovely and so hot, and everything here is so clean (except the grotty hostel!!). On thursday we went for a walk to darling harbour and had a look around. We found the Sydney aquarium and the wildlife centre. Went into both (cause i dont have work :P) and we saw soooo many weird and crazy creatures!! Also i was metres away from soem kangeroos and koala bears!! In the tropical bird bot one landed on my head and was pecking my hair!! Should be a pic om facebook soon, although im having trouble uploading them at the moment its taking hours so i havent been able to. Jay and ben if u add sammy brown out my friends u can see her photos cause hers are working.
So after the day out with the animals we went for a wine and cheese night at the members lounge and got bit pissed on GOON!! (cheap wine out a box which i love so drink like water lol) got to know some other people here and some pf them speak English. So we chilled with them all night and went clubbing and our hostel got us free pink champagne which was awesome!!
Friday morning we went for another walk around the opera house and bridge, asked a man to take a photo of us standing in front of the bridge, and the arse thought it would be nice to take a photo of us and cut the bloody bridge out so that was no good!! After that we had to go to an orientation which is a talk with all the members about travel round oz and work and medical care, tax file all that crap. one girl fell asleep!
Friday night we went out for dinner with a friend from here and had a nice spag bol. First time we had dinner this week i might add!! Today we are heading down to bronte beach with everyone and doing a walk to bondi beach which is meant to be really beautiful. chill there today i think as its a pretty warm 27 'c!!! LUSH! mum dont worry im wearing suncream lol!
Also we have book our oz experience and will be leaving Sydney on Tuesday and heading to coffs harbour. We spend one night there then catch the next coach to surfers bay where apparently we have surfing lessons!! Its meant to be a right laugh.
Better go got a load of rude germans waiting for the comp!! Will update u next time i can, hope everyone ok,
miss u all loads love u sar xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Hey Sar, me and Jay have just been going through your photos and posts with Mum and Andy, looks amazing we're all jealous!! Enjoy the weather down there it's effing pissing it down here all over Mum's holiday washing which nobody can be arsed to get in lol! So now it's wetter than it was when we put it out and needs washing again haha :) Mum's just been going through her holiday photos with us telling stories about how she had a fight with a cat that kept nicking stuff from her handbag lol! Mum says that you wouldn't go swimming in the sea so now she's panicking about you going surfing lol, but i think you should go for it i'm well jealous, i'd love to go surfing!! Keep having lots of fun and we're all looking forward to more pictures and blog posts :D Love from all of us and take care xxxx