Sunday, 11 September 2011

My first blog post!

Hey peeps,

Hope everyone is ok! Missing you all :(
Flights were horiffic and though I was gonna die of sheer discomfort and boredom!!! The two hours in singapore were good although we were only in the airport - I have never felt heat like that when we went outside. Was unreal!! Its lovely there though, clean and they had these leg massager things which i used for a good half hour cause thought i had deep vein thrombosis haha!!Then had to get back on flight, second leg wasnt too bad. Had a really good first day though, we arrived really early at the hovel... i mean hostel, and got rooms/bags sorted. Went for a walk round the circular quay and found the bridge and opera house, which I have touched!!! Its made of tiles and is really weird! Were gonna have dinner in there at some point! We had lunch at a nice restarurant overlooking the bridge, the sun was absolutely roasting and i think im burnt already!! After that we walked around all the gardens, where theyve got loooads of tropical plants and trees and is very beautiful. There was also a load of trees with bats in!! they were flying over us, it was crazy!! There was people doing modelling shoots in the gardens cause its so pretty. We had to have a lie down in Hyde Park and ended up falling asleep in the sun...little bit burnt!! We had to go to bed after that with no dinner cause were so jetlagged - so went to sleep at 5pm and woke up at half 1 this morn lol!!
I have taken loads of lovely photos and will post them when I've got an album full so you can see what I've been doing. Anyway, got to go now times run out. Off to spend a relaxing day sunbathing on Bondi :)
look after yourselves everyone, makesure u txt/ring my new number if you want me which is 0426999236, dont use the other one :)
love you all loads, dont miss me!! will be back before you know it!
loads of love sar xxxxxxx update again in couple of days keep following!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Wow!!!!!! Sounds like you're having an amazing time Sar! Can't wait to see your first pics. So happy you're gonna keep us all updated with this blog :) Love you lots, Lu and Jay xxx